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Zalto: Perfection Found

Which glass is right for your favourite variety of wine? The brand Zalto will give the right answer to this question. The Austrian brand produces crystal glasses, the shape, size and even thickness of the walls of which are designed to enjoy specific types of wines. Zalto is a legend, and the legend is rarely comes from the ground zero.

Search for perfection crowned with success

In the Middle Ages there was a real cult of making glassware, and it is with good reason that the beautiful Venice is regarded the capital of this cult. And it so happened that the family of Venetian glassblowers Zalto settled in the north of the present-day Austria, where legendary crystal had been produced for centuries.

And at the beginning of the 21st century, one of the descendants of Zalto named Kurt resolved to find the form of an ideal wine glass. He took into the business the priest Hans Denck, who produced the wine, and the trader Hubert Foringer, who was selling the wine. Since 2003, like-minded people have not abandoned their attempts to find the very ideal, experimenting with valuable wines and various forms of glasses. And they achieved their goal. The world saw splendid Zalto glasses of Denk’Art series.

The famous winemaker and president of the Vinea Wachau winemakers association, Franz Hirtzberger, once remarked: “Great wines are even better revealed in new Denk’Art glasses. Truly, this is a tremendous asset for the entire glassware and wine world!”

The secret of the crystal miracle

Having made the discovery, the manufacturer began experimenting with other drinks. The assortment of Zalto brand presents crystal champagne glasses, digestive glasses and cognac glasses. Each piece is hand-made from thin lead-free crystal.

Zalto glasses are practical, safe and beautiful. They perfectly reveal the taste and aroma of wine for which they were created, retain the crystal brilliance and impeccable transparency for any length of time, whereas the exquisite clinking from the light contact of glasses, caresses the ear. Despite the surprisingly thin walls, glasses are durable and strong enough to be suitable for everyday use.

Their amazing properties are verified by the world’s best tasters. In 2009, a unique event took place: after a “blind” tasting, wine connoisseurs recognized Zalto glasses as the best in comparison with the glassware of ten large European factories.