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White wine glass Alsace, 245 ml, art. 4400/05

Article number: 4400/05


An exquisite Riedel Sommeliers Alsace glass is a classic piece. For the first time the world saw it in 1973 and its qualities were immediately appreciated. Today, 45 years on, the piece is considered to be the forebear of the key series. Its shape is ideal for enjoying dry, white, medium bodied wines. It reveals the magnificence of the expressive Sauvignon Blanc and the bright Gewurztraminer. The spherical shape of the bowl brings to the fore the grape and mineral components of the bouquet, and the size of the glass highlights the fresh flavour.

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Height: 193 mm
Diameter: 77 mm
Quantity per pack:
Country of origin: Austria
Drink: white wine