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Riedel Decanter, 1210 ml, art. 2015/02

Article number: 2015/02


The classic Riedel Decanter, 1210 ml – is a genuine sample of the elite Austrian brand. The laconic consummate form, elaborate ergonomics, impressive company logo on the frontal part – every detail of the vessel manifests pride of the creators for their creation. The decanter is versatile: it conveys purity of taste and purified colour to old wines, whereas young ones, after having been kept in the decanter for three hours, inhale oxygen and reveal the finest tints of their bouquet.

Delivery only in St. Petersburg.

23 175,00 

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Weight: 1,12 kg
Height: 365 mm
Width: 155 mm
Quantity per pack: 1
Country of origin: Austria