Glass for fruit liquors Raspberry, 160 ml (4200/02) • KIRA BOUTIQUE •

Glass for fruit liquors Raspberry, 160 ml, art. 4200/02

Article number: 4200/02


The series of small glasses Riedel Sommeliers Raspberry in the form of a tiny blooming tulip bud unveil the wonders of the aromatic world of strong fruit and berry liquors. The aroma exudes in a wide wave, besotting and accomplishing the bouquet of taste. The glass directs the drink to the right areas of the tongue, inviting you to experience a rich gamut. Harsh notes, in turn, recede into the background, making room for sweet motives. The vessel uncovers crimson, currant and blackberry digestives in all their bright.

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Height: 200 mm
Diameter: 70 mm
Quantity per pack:
Country of origin: Austria
Drink: brandy, grappa, fruit liquors