Glass for cognac Cognac XO, 170 ml (4400/70) • KIRA BOUTIQUE •

Glass for cognac Cognac XO, 170 ml, art. 4400/70

Article number: 4400/70


The exquisite line of the puffy bowl of the Riedel Sommeliers Cognac XO tumbler are the best setting for precious cognac of the highest category aged up to 30 years. Due to its tapering bowl, cognac reaches the taste buds in its original individuality, allowing the taster to evaluate the fruit composition, a slightly tangy taste and a multi-faceted trail of a finish. The glass reveals all the nuances of taste and aroma, turning the drink not only into a gift for a gourmet, but also a worthy decoration for the table.

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Height: 165 mm
Diameter: 67 mm
Quantity per pack:
Country of origin: Austria
Drink: XO cognac