Glass for brandy and grape-brandy Grappa, 110 ml (4200/03) • KIRA BOUTIQUE •

Glass for brandy and grape-brandy Grappa, 110 ml, art. 4200/03

Article number: 4200/03


The taste of one of the best digestives in the world will become brighter and richer if you enjoy it from a Riedel Sommeliers Grappa glass. The glass hides all the sharp features of grappa, eliminating its burning sharpness. In its place mineral and flower-meadow motifs appear, with strength and warmth remaining in the finish. The drink reveals its genuine beauty. The effect is achieved thanks to the small area of evaporation and the well-thought form of the bowl, which directs the drink in a thin stream to the tip of the tongue.

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Height: 200 mm
Diameter: 70 mm
Quantity per pack:
Country of origin: Austria
Drink: grappa, brandy