Decanter Riedel Evechen, 1285 ml (1950/15) • KIRA BOUTIQUE •

Decanter Riedel Evechen, 1285 ml, art. 1950/15

Article number: 1950/15


The exquisite decanter Riedel Evechen, 1285 ml is perhaps the most popular model of the Austrian brand. Its fanciful and graceful form is not at all a whim of the glassmakers. The elegant bend of the vessel allows you to saturate the young wine with oxygen or remove sediment from a mature wine when you pour it. The wine flows smoothly through the first section, and then turns around its axis and enters the second section. This process is impressive for the onlooker, and the result admires you with an amazingly soft and rich taste of the drink.

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Weight: 0,96 kg
Height: 345 mm
Width: 180 mm
Quantity per pack: 1
Country of origin: Austria