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The Science of Winning by Alexander Suvorov

This legendary work by Generalissimo of the Russian Army Alexander Suvorov  (1730 – 1800), written in 1795 after the suppression of the Polish revolt, comprises the commander’s invaluable warfare considerations and instructions. In his commander’s carrier, Alexander Suvorov didn’t lose a day, time an again he zapped the outnumbered hostile armies. He is well-known for his caring for soldiers, including his participation in development of the new hard wearing uniform. The edition includes several parts (Watch Parade and Talking to Soldiers in Their Language), and is believed to be a literary monument of the Russian military thought. In this book, which was used to educate several generations of commanders, Suvorov explained his views on soldier training and tactics. This book doesn’t just reveal the strategic secrets – it also touches on ethic aspects of the war, starting with unneeded murders and ending with the call for taking care of ordinary people.

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Language: Russian
Number of copies: 100 numbered copies
Format: 155 x 225 mm
Paper: designer paper (Holland, France)
Features: silk ribbon bookmark, manual-weaved tailband, goffering, gilt edge
Binding: genuine leather, handmade using classical old-school technology
Country of production: Russia
Age restrictions: 12+