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Napoleon and His Women Friends by Gertrude Kircheisen

We know Napoleon Bonaparte as a gifted diplomat, outstanding politician, and ingenious commander. A German historian Gertrude Kircheisen invites the reader to get to know the Emperor as a person of fine mind and strong will, a person that managed to keep balance in the epicenter of intrigues and passions. The author tells about Napoleon’s victories and defeats on the dating front.

They say Napoleon was lascivious, but it is groundless and unfair. Indeed, Napoleon wasn’t deprived of weaknesses and mistakes. He had mistresses and adulterized, and made other people to do so. On his way, he slipped off many flowers, which he later scornfully abandoned. However, even the Sun has spots. Napoleon was great enough to have his right to make mistakes. Weaknesses and mistakes alone aren’t lasciviousness yet.

We need to understand another important thing: Napoleon took everything a woman could give him, but he never yielded to her. There definitely wasn’t ever any spiritual commonality, or we would have seen a woman that managed to rise up to his level…

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