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Little Zaches, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann

There are fairy tales for adults, and an immortal classical example of that is Little Zaches, nicknamed Zinnober by the German writer Ernst Theodore Amadeus Hoffmann (1776 – 1822). Full of irony, the book tells the story of the author’s epoch, it describes the ugliness of absolutism, loyalty of contemporaries, bare lawlessness. The protagonist is grotesquely ridiculous, ugly and stupid, but the merciful fairy Rosabelverde endowed him with a unique ability. Whatever good happens in the presence of Zaches – it is always attributed to him, and any shameful thing done by him goes to someone else’s account. Everyone bows to Zaches, he rises as high as to become a minister. But the magician Prosper Alpanus turns up to help a young student Balthazar to remove the spell and expose the truth to ordinary people.

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Language: Russian
Number of copies: 100 numbered copies
Format: 155 x 225 mm
Paper: designer paper (Holland, France)
Features: silk ribbon bookmark, manual-weaved tailband, gilt edge
Binding: genuine leather, handmade using classical old-school technology
Country of production: Russia
Age restrictions: 12+