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Corneliani: a paragon of Italian chic

Once having tried on a Corneliani suit, you will not be able to give up on the masterpieces of this brand. Clothing fits like it was made to order. The products of the brand are considered the benchmark of the praised Italian quality and style in men’s fashion. Every detail conveys to the onlookers: it is a person of high status in front of you.

Family traditions

The history of the brand dates back to the 1930s in the city of Mantua. A talented tailor, Alfredo Corneliani opened a studio. His works were distinctive of an impeccable cut and high quality, which quickly attracted attention. In half a century the studio has grown into an empire.

Tradition is continued by Sergio Corneliani. He creates collections with a philosophy simple and poetic: “People often ask me what an elegant man, a true gentleman should look like. I am getting more and more convinced that genuine elegance should be natural, being also impeccable, as well as discreetly luxurious. It never goes out of fashion being not overly austere, neither being too gaudy.”

Thanks to this approach, clothing brand Corneliani has found its way into the wardrobes of businessmen and film stars. For example, the iconic film director Quentin Tarantino prefers to dress the actors starring in his films in Corneliani.

Distinctive style and cut

The main tradition of each collection is a costume made from exclusive fabrics designed specifically for the brand. Sometimes it is thin wool, sometimes silk, boucle or soft cotton – but always all-natural materials.

Making its garments, the company uses the characteristic “Milan cut”, and when sewing, machine labour is combined with meticulous handicraft. This approach provides an impressive appearance of a garment, a clear-cut line and a perfect fit. The company does not use machine serger, and each seam is processed manually. Under no circumstances synthetic glue is used – the lining is sewn.

Curved lines go through a steaming procedure at least 40 times, whereafter the product takes a perfect shape keeping it for a long time. The final result is impeccable, whether it be a suit, a shirt, a raincoat, jeans, a coat, pants or accessories.