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Lines Framed in Luxury

The book is the best present. Expensive collectors’ leather-bound books are also a sign of high esteem and a compliment to exceptional taste. A selection of works by Russian and foreign authors, iconic editions and masterpieces of folklore in a luxurious frame will help to find a proper present for a bibliophile.

The best gift for an esthete

With limited editions of 50-100 copies, all of the books in the catalog are hand-made. This is a win-win gift for those who have everything, making a very special impression on the person receiving the gift. Each edition is an art object in itself.

Literary writings, scientific works, biographies, collected works, fairy tales, reference books, religious literature – the choice of genres will allow you to choose a gift book for anyone. The catalog has publications for lawyers, historians, psychologists, educators, PR people, financial professionals, politicians, people with unusual hobbies and connoisseurs of rare, exclusive things.

Clad in Italian leather, with gilt edge, goffering, silk ribbon bookmarks, high-quality printing, the books are perfect in every detail. Everything is done so that they are a pleasure to hold and to read. An ivory tone was specially chosen for the top-class designer paper, ensuring that the eyes do not get tired when reading.

Balance of form and content

Collectors’ book is an exquisite item that harmoniously combines magnificent form and priceless content. Glossy pages revive the history of antiquity, unravel intricate plots, and reveal philosophical truths.

Historical novels, photo-tours of St. Petersburg, military guides of great commanders, the wisdom of Nietzsche and Spinoza, witty stories by Chekhov, history from ironic Churchill, Gothic tales of Hoffmann, psychoanalytic etudes by Lombrose – a brilliant range of precious thoughts will make you think long and hard about which one to choose. But whichever your choice may be, it will delight the recipient of a valuable gift.

The icing on the cake is that these books are no longer published, and the person who receives the book as a gift becomes the exclusive owner of one of a hundred of copies. The fly page of each edition has a hand-written number of the book in the limited edition.

Gifts of such scale accentuate your special attitude to the recipient. Being an adornment to a home library, an expensive gift book reminds of a solemn day when it was presented.