KIRA BOUTIQUE — is an online boutique with its web pages offering you a unique collection of premium-class products. Handmade gourmet and wine lover’s crystal in which even plain drinking water turns into an exquisite beverage. Rare, out-of-print books made from modern materials, but according to old technologies and containing works that are hard to find in bookstores and in the virtual network. Luxury brand clothing that fits so well as if it was tailor-made personally for you. In gathering the collection we made a point to hand-pick the products that were made by great masters. And it is not only that our products are a manifest of a refined luxury, but also the embodiment of the genius of the author.

Alfredo Corneliani, Johann Christoph Riedel, Kurt Zalto and his partners — these names are well-known to any connoisseur of art, apparel and accessories who appreciate things that are genuinely deserving attention. Their names are iconic trademarks indicative of the best products in their sector. The products of these brands amalgamate high quality, tradition, proficiency of generations, exquisite style and design.

KIRA BOUTIQUE is a collection of masterpieces designed for people who already have everything. We set ourselves a task of opening a store of expensive gifts for corporate CEOs, top managers, successful businessmen, and celebrities. Everyone knows how hard it is sometimes to find a gift for a refined savant or a complicated “personality”, avoiding to buy an expensive, but useless bagatelle of bad taste. How to choose something that will be both functional and aesthetic?

You won’t feel ashamed for the gifts we offer you. They are not going to gather dust in a corner or on a mantelpiece, causing annoyance. We guarantee that your gift will get into a favorite category, and the donee will ever be grateful. The book is the best gift, and you are bound to feel like holding our books in your hands. Crystal is always appurtenant, and a fanciful decanter will adorn a dining table. Choosing clothes is a difficult task, even intimate in its nature. Whereas an elegant silk tie or a classic purse are gifts that are timeless, especially if it is a thing from a famous designer.

A gift from our store is not just an expensive thing, but a manifestation of your respect, good taste and attention to the donee, the best way to make him feel his uniqueness, since you have found something so rare and valuable for him.

KIRA BOUTIQUE helps to make gifts you “put your heart” into.